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that occurs at the surface of a single flat plate electrode. The process occurs in a combined d. c. and v. h. f. field and is of the type commonly known as multipactoring. Electrons move outward from a multiplying electrode under the influence of the v. h. f. field which is larger in magnitude than the d. c. field. After the v. h. f. field reverses the electrons stop and are accelerated back to the multiplying electrode by the combined fields. Upon striking the multiplying electrode more than one secondary electron is emitted which under the proper conditions can repeat the above motion yielding ultimately a large increase in number of electrons. A simple theory of the mechanism is presented which includes conditions for stability of the multiplying process as well as a description of the motion of the electrons in the process. A method of specifying all field parameters is presented which enables these parameters to be quickly specified for experimental work. The experimental work presents a good verification of the theory of the mechanism; in particular, the stability conditions are well confirmed from the experimental results. A discussion of competing types of gas discharges and multiplying mechanisms is presented which enables a clear understanding of the detailed mechanisms that are occurring to be achieved.

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