In situ Magnetization Measurement of Superconducting Transition in PdH0.82 and PdD0.79 Prepared by Low-Temperature Absorption

Yuji Inagaki, Kyushu University
Si Wen, Kyushu University
Yousuke Kawasaki, Kyushu University
Hiroki Takata, Kyushu University
Yuji Furukawa, Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory
Tatsuya Kawae, Kyushu University


We studied the superconducting properties of Pd hydride and deuteride prepared by a low temperature absorption method using in situ magnetization measurements down to T = 0.5 K. The absorption was performed under hydrogen (H2) or deuterium (D2) gas atmosphere at T = 200 K, where the gas pressure and magnetization were monitored simultaneously. From the pressure change caused by the absorption of H (D) in Pd sample, the H (D) content was determined to be 0.82 (0.79). The superconducting state was observed below T ∼ 1.3 K for the both systems. This state was investigated through precise magnetization measurements. The results suggest that H or D atoms are absorbed uniformly over the whole sample.