Single crystal growth and magnetic properties of the mixed valent Yb containing Zintl phase, Yb14MgSb11

Elizabeth L. Kunz Wille, University of California, Davis
Na Hyun Jo, Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory
James C. Fettinger, University of California, Davis
Paul C. Canfield, Iowa State University and Ames Laboratory
Susan M. Kauzlarich, University of California, Davis


Large crystals of Yb14MgSb11 were grown through a Sn flux method. Magnetic susceptibility measurements yield an effective magnetic moment of 3.4(1) μB, revealing the presence of both divalent and trivalent Yb in Yb14MgSb11. Previously assumed to only contain Yb2+ as in Yb14MnSb11, the mixed valency demonstrates that Yb14MgSb11 is a Zintl phase.