{Mo24Fe12} Macrocycles: Anion Templation with Large Polyoxometalate Guests

Xikui Fang, Iowa State University
Laura Hansen, Iowa State University
Fadi Haso, University of Akron Main Campus
Panchao Yin, University of Akron
Abhishek Pandey, Iowa State University
Larry Engelhardt, Francis Marion University
Igor I. Slowing, Iowa State University
Tao Li, Argonne National Laboratory
Tianbo Liu, University of Akron Main Campus
Marshall Luban, Iowa State University
D. C. Johnston, Iowa State University

This article is from Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (2013): 10500, doi:10.1002/anie.201304887.


POM and circumstance: Nanometer-sized polyoxometalates (POMs) bring a new direction to anion-templated supramolecular chemistry. The Keggin (left) and Dawson-type (right) polyoxoanions direct the assembly of giant metallomacrocycles through an array of weak hydrogen-bonding interactions. The concerted action of multiple hydrogen bonds keeps the templating guests embedded within the hosts, even in the solution state.