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Physical Review B



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Neutron and synchrotron resonant x-ray magnetic scattering (RXMS) complemented by heat capacity and resistivity measurements reveal the evolution of the magnetic structures of Fe and Ce sublattices in a CeFeAsO single crystal. The RXMS of magnetic reflections at the Ce L-II edge shows a magnetic transition that is specific to the Ce antiferromagnetic long-range ordering at T-Ce approximate to 4 K with short-range Ce ordering above T-Ce, whereas neutron diffraction measurements of a few magnetic reflections indicate a transition at T* approximate to 12 K with an unusual order parameter. Detailed order-parameter measurements on several magnetic reflections by neutrons show a weak anomaly at 4 K that we associate with the Ce ordering. The successive transitions at T-Ce and T* can also be clearly identified by two anomalies in heat capacity and resistivity measurements. The higher transition temperature at T* approximate to 12 K is mainly ascribed to Fe spin reorientation transition, below which Fe spins rotate uniformly and gradually in the ab plane. The Fe spin reorientation transition and short-range Ce ordering above T-Ce reflect the strong Fe-Ce couplings prior to long-range ordering of the Ce. The evolution of the intricate magnetic structures in CeFeAsO going through T* and T-Ce is proposed.


This article is published as Zhang, Qiang, Wei Tian, Haifeng Li, Jong-Woo Kim, Jiaqiang Yan, R. William McCallum, Thomas A. Lograsso et al. "Magnetic structures and interplay between rare-earth Ce and Fe magnetism in single-crystal CeFeAsO." Physical Review B88, no. 17 (2013): 174517. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.88.174517. Posted with permission.

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