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The antioxidant effect of far-infrared-treated rice hull (FRH) extracts in irradiated turkey breast meat was compared with that of sesamol and rosemary oleoresin. FRH significantly decreased TBARS values and volatile aldehydes (hexanal, pentanal, and propanal) and was effective in reducing the production of dimethyl disulfide responsible for irradiation off-odor in irradiated raw and cooked turkey meat during aerobic storage. The antioxidant activity of FRH (0.1%, w/w) was as effective as that of rosemary oleoresin (0.1%). However, the addition of FRH increased red and yellow color intensities and produced an off-odor characteristic to rice hull in raw and cooked meat, and cannot be used in meat without further refining process to remove off-color and off-odor compounds.

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