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Irradiated vacuum-packaged patties had great amounts of sulfur volatiles (dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl disulfide) and increased red color during the refrigerated storage and after cooking compared with the nonirradiated control. Irradiated aerobically packaged meat had accelerated lipid oxidation and aldehyde production at 10 d and after cooking. Gallate+α- tocopherol alone with double packaging was effective in reducing the red color of irradiated meat at 10 d and after cooking. Considerable amounts of off-odor volatiles were reduced by double packaging and antioxidant treatment. Sulfur volatiles were evaporated during the aerobic period of double packaging, and lipid oxidation was prevented by the antioxidants and vacuum condition of double packaging. These beneficial effects of double packaging and antioxidants were more critical in irradiated cooked meat. Therefore, the combined use of antioxidants and double packaging would be a useful method to control the oxidative quality changes of irradiated raw and cooked turkey breast.

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