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Summary and Implications

Young calves commonly become infected with viruses and bacteria that damage the intestinal lining. To enhance recovery of small intestinal function following a coronavirus challenge, bovine serum proteins, containing IgG, TGF-β and other growth factors, were added to an oral rehydration solution (ORS) for 32 Holstein and Jersey calves. Calves were housed individually and offered water ad libitum and milk replacer at 10% of BW daily. Control calves were fed a control ORS (CON). The treated calves were fed an ORS that consisted of CON with added bovine serum proteins (GFR). After a 2 d adjustment, calves were orally challenged with a moderately virulent bovine coronavirus isolate. Xylose (0.5 g/kg of BW) was administered orally once daily for 6 d to assess small intestinal recovery. Hematocrits, fecal dry matter, rectal temperatures, attitude scores and dehydration scores were recorded once daily. Concentrations of serum xylose increased with time postdosing, but did not vary by treatment. Hematocrits and other clinical scores were not significantly different (P >0.05) between treatments. In this model, bovine serum proteins did not appear to enhance intestinal recovery from a coronavirus challenge when added to ORS.

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