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ASL R1915



Summary and Implications

Winter conditions can lead to rapid dehydration and cracking of teat tissue, thus increasing mastitis risks. The objectives of these three winter trials were to compare application of a salve or 2 new novel commercial winter teat dip products (> 70% propylene glycol plus fatty acid germicide) to an existing commercially available teat dip (good germicide and skin conditioning) and best management winter milking practices. Overall results for the 3 trials suggest slight (glycol) to no (salve) positive effect on teat end health (especially cracking) when tested in comparison to the use of a good milking and winter dipping practices and a very good commercial post-milking dip used in this herd. There was a slight decrease in % teats cracked with glycol dips following rapid temperature changes. However, none of the treatments were effective in completely alleviating teat end changes due to weather.

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