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ASL R2046



Summary and Implications

Real-time ultrasound measures of body composition were collected on 85 head of market sheep by 3 ultrasound technicians and subsequent measures were collected on the carcasses of these sheep. This study may help to establish reasonable expectations for ultrasound certification statistics within the sheep industry. Based on these data, it appears that reasonable standards for a sheep ultrasound certification program would be: UFAT - bias <= 0.10 in., SEP <= 0.10 in., SER <= 0.10 in., correlation >= 0.60; UREA - bias <= 0.50 in.2 , SEP <= 0.50 in.2 , SER <= 0.50 in.2 , and correlation >= 0.50. If an ultrasound certification program were started within the sheep industry it may be possible for sheep breeders to more effectively work toward meeting consumer demands in terms of product composition.

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