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ASL R2120



Summary and Implications

Excessive loading of phosphorus (P) onto agricultural lands has been recognized as a threat to surface water quality. Forced precipitation of struvite (MgNH4PO4•6H2O) from animal waste slurries prior to land application can reduce dissolved reactive P levels in manure slurries. It also offers the potential to recover excess phosphorus from manures and move it to cropping areas that require phosphorus fertilizer inputs. Past work indicates that ~90% of the soluble phosphorus can be concentrated into a precipitate following chemical amendment.

This study will provide important information regarding the feasibility of phosphorus recovery as a means of balancing swine manure nutrient content with crop needs. Given the expanding regulations regarding phosphorus management, it is important to develop and test phosphorus management strategies. The sustainability of many animal operations in their current locations will depend upon their ability to meet new regulations requiring phosphorus management as well as nitrogen management.

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