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At 7 and 14 d postmortem very little troponin-T degradation (30kDa) was seen in the GR, SAR, and VI. However, star probe measurements of GR (d3 and d7), SAR (d7), and VI (d1 and d7) were lower than the LD. The AD showed very little change in the amount of degraded troponin-T. This is mirrored in the star probe results of the AD where very little change is seen over time. The SM and VL were the only muscles to have star probe values higher than the LD. From this we can see that biochemical and tenderness differences exist between different muscles of the round, and some round muscles display biochemical and tenderness characteristics similar to those of the LD. As a result of this there is the potential to add value to some of the muscles (GR, SAR, and VI) of the round by marketing them as individual cuts.

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