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Summary and Implications

In fall 2006, a digestion trial was conducted to evaluate the effects of feeding increasing amounts of DDGS with smooth bromegrass hay on diet intake and digestibility. Three steers (737 lb) were placed in metabolism stalls in an environment controlled room and fed smooth bromegrass hay with DDGS at 0, 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5% BW in successive periods. Each period consisted of 10-day adjustment and 5- day collection phases. During the adjustment and collection phases, smooth bromegrass hay was fed at 110 and 100% of ad libitum intake, respectively, with water available at all times. During collection, feeds, total feces, and urine were collected and sub-sampled. Increasing the amount of DDGS fed increased total DM intake and digestibility, but decreased hay DM intake according to the equation: y=- 0.0017 + 0.9812x -0.4582x 2 where y is the amount of forage intake substituted by DDGS intake and x is the DDGS intake as a percentage of BW. Supplementation of grazing cattle with DDGS can be used to increase diet digestibility while reducing forage intake and, thereby, extending pasture acres.

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