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ASL R2289



Summary and Implications

This method of storage for wet distillers’ grain proved to be very effective with a total shrink of 9.0% from purchase to feeding. The 80/20 blend proved to work well in the storage bag and was eagerly and readily consumed with little to no waste by a large number of fall calving, mature, lactating Angus females.

The storage aspects of the modified distillers’ grain with solubles in the bag seem to be different than the wet distillers’ grain and hay mixture. Tendencies for spoilage in the modified product seemed greater with molds occurring (Picture 4). Total shrink from purchase to feed out was 16.7%. However, this product, in spite of the shrink, was successfully stored and fed for over 200 days. Cost analysis indicated that utilizing bagging procedures may not be a competitive methodology, therefore, lower cost storage systems need further research.

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