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ASL R2411



Summary and Implications

Low cost storage methods for MDGS and WDGS proved to be effective with total storage shrink amounting to 9.28% and 9.83%, respectively. Covering piles of MDG with plastic was the lowest cost technique per ton, however, it is important to remember that this methodology will not work for WDGS due to its high moisture content. On a very positive note, the WDGS when mixed with 20% tub ground hay on as moisture basis proved to be an effective way to store this product while utilizing and enhancing some very low quality forage. These two methods of storage proved to be much lower in cost than bagging with a packing machine and equally as effective in preventing storage shrink.

The MDGS was utilized successfully in supplementing both lactating fall calving cows and pregnant spring calves. MDGS when taken from their piles was mixed with 15% tub ground hay and then fed along a fence line to reduce contamination due to foot traffic and fecal droppings.

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