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ASL R2415



Summary and Implications

Sixty-six fall born Angus heifers were used in a grazing study to evaluate supplementation of Dakota Bran TM pelleted distillers grain product supplemented on Southern Iowa pastures. The levels of supplementation were two groups of none (CONT) and two groups fed 1.5 percent of body weight (TRMT). Stocking rates were increased 29 percent for the treatment groups compared to controls. Daily gains were 0.79 lb. per day for the controls and 1.48 for the treatments during the supplementation period. Calculations based off of sward height measures for both groups indicate supplemented heifers had a 26.8 percent reduction in pasture dry matter intake. At current costs for Dakota Bran TM treatment groups extra gain slightly outweighed feed costs while higher stocking rates and pasture extension increased value of the product.

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