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ASL R2417



Summary and Implications

The use of corn co-products in beef feeding operations has greatly increased over recent years because of the booming ethanol industry; however, little is known about efficient transportation, storage, and handling of the product. Problems associated with these areas cost beef producer’s time and money. In an effort to find out more information, 164 surveys were sent out to veterinarians and feed specialists throughout the state of Iowa to identify the transportation, storage, and handling procedures, trends, and problems associated with the use of co-products as a feed ingredient. The results of the surveys conclude that various types of co-products are used throughout the beef industry, and the methods of transporting, storing, and handling them varies greatly. Additionally, the quality and physical characteristics of the co-products challenge the mixing and storability of the co-product. With this, standards for co-products grading and spoilage determination are two major recommendations resulting from this study.

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