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ASL R2425



Summary and Implications

Data from 410 feedout groups representing 29,389 head from the Tri-County Steer Carcass Futurity Cooperative were analyzed to test the validity of using carcass value per day on feed (CVDOF) as a ranking tool in 4-H beef performance carcass contests. All feedout groups were calculated for feedlot profit using standardized feed and yardage costs, yet using their actual health treatment costs and miscellaneous costs. CVDOF is calculated using carcass weight gain per day during the feeding period and adjusting that for red meat yield using the percent retail product equation. This result is then put on a monetary basis by using a carcass price adjusted for carcass quality and yield grade. CVDOF when tested for its relationship to feedlot profitability was highly significant and accounted for 74 percent of the variation in profit. If one desires a ranking equation in the 4-H beef performance carcass program that relates well to feedlot profitability then CVDOF proves to be quite effective.

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