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ASL R2431



Summary and Implications

Perilipin, adipose triglyceride lipase (ATGL) and comparative gene identity-58 (CGI-58) are proteins recently associated with energy mobilization from adipose tissue of rodents and humans. Relative protein abundances were measured in 11 early (5-14 DIM) and 9 mid (176-206 DIM) lactation cows. Early lactation cows were mobilizing energy compared to mid lactation cows. Phosphorylation of perilipin was increased in early compared to mid lactation cows, and significantly associated with lipid breakdown. ATGL was significantly increased in mid compared to early lactation, and CGI-58 was similar between stages of lactation. Neither ATGL nor CGI-58 was correlated with lipid breakdown. These results identify perilipin and ATGL as novel proteins involved in the regulation of lipid mobilization throughout lactation.

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