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ASL R2494


Animal Products

Summary and Implications

Consumers are critical of the ingredients used in the production of processed meat products. With the increased growth in natural and organic processed meats, suppliers have begun to offer clean label solutions to improve the safety of minimally processed foods. This study investigated the growth of Listeria monocytogenes on uncured, no-nitrate-or-nitrite-added frankfurters with or without clean-label antimicrobials, during a 120 day storage period. No-nitrate-or-nitrite-added brands with no antilisterial control measures exhibited a decreased lag time and shorter generation time for initiation of growth, resulting in a greater population of L. monocytogenes when compared to the sodium nitrite, sodium lactate/diacetate controls or alternatively cured products with clean label antimicrobials. Results indicate that clean label antimicrobials may serve as an effective intervention strategy for L. monocytogenes in the production of uncured, no-nitrate-or-nitrite-added (natural or organic) RTE meat products.

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