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ASL R2603



Summary and Implications

Objective of this study was to evaluate a prototype hydrogen peroxide based post milking teat dip versus a control commercial iodine based post milking teat dip on overall teat end and teat skin condition and health. Although there were no differences in teat end scoring and health between the iodine and hydrogen peroxide dip, there were significant differences in teat skin scores and % of rough/chapped/peeling teats with the hydrogen peroxide dipped teats showing higher skin scores and % peeling (1- 2% v. 20-45%) and poorer skin condition. Histological evaluation showed premature skin peeling of normal skin (perakertatosis) on all hydrogen peroxide tissue samples. One teat on the control iodine side showed evidence of some dip freezing and damage and histological evaluation showed an inflammatory response on that teat). Changes to the hydrogen peroxide based dip need to be made in order to improve teat skin performance before it can be made commercially available.

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