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ASL R2712



Summary and Implications

The primary objective of this study was to evaluate a prototype novel germicide (proprietary formulation of citrate + methylene blue + parabens) based post milking teat dip with varying methylene blue and emollient concentrations versus a control commercial iodine barrier post milking teat dip on overall teat end and teat skin condition and health. A secondary objective was to assess teat skin coloration or staining due to the dip at the subsequent milking. Novel germicide prototype dips showed some teat coloration at the next milking with the highest % seen when .25% MB was added or 1% MB with a thixotropic agent. Novel germicide prototype dips showed excellent teat skin (TS) health (same as control dip). Novel germicide prototype dips showed very good teat end health integrity and maintained teat end health integrity through cold weather changes (significantly better than controls). Dips with 5% emollient were more consistent in TE health compared to 11% emollients. Novel germicide prototype dips showed softer, more pliable hyperkeratotic TE tissue. Overall, these novel germicide prototype dips performed very well and better than controls.

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