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ASL R2740



Summary and Implications

DND1 (dead end homolog 1), belonging to the RNA binding protein family, can impact miRNA:mRNA functional pathway and in turn may contribute to maintaining normal oocyte growth and quality as well as embryo development following fertilization. To characterize DND1 in pig maturing oocytes and cumulus cells, and early embryos, we examined DND1 mRNA and protein expression using quantitative RT-PCR, Western blot and immunostaining. We found: (1) DND1 protein is expressed during pig follicle development; (2) DND1 is dynamically expressed at both mRNA and protein level in the maturing oocyte and early in vitro fertilized embryos; (3) DND1 mRNA is expressed in cumulus cells surrounding the maturing oocyte; and (4) DND1 protein is localized in the cytoplasm of pig maturing oocytes and early embryos. Our work provides useful data for functional study of DND1 proteins in female gametogenesis and developing embryos, which will benefit animal reproduction health and provides foundational knowledge for improving swine reproductive efficiency.

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