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Host genetic differences and other factors associated with neutralizing antibody (NAb) response were examined in 464 Large White-Landrace piglets that were experimentally challenged with porcine reproductive and respiratory virus (PRRSv) isolate NVSL-97-7895. Serum samples and viremia data were collected on piglets periodically for 42 days post infection (dpi). NAb response was defined as the inverse of the highest 1:2 serial dilution of serum without cytopathic effects. Heritability and other factors associated with NAb response were estimated using an animal model in ASReml. These analyses identified two aspects of viremia that were associated with NAb response: viral load (area under the curve from 0-21 dpi) and virus rebound (a two Log increase in viremia after the virus had started to clear). These results also suggested that NAb response may be lowly heritable and provided the groundwork for further characterization of NAb response.

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