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ASL R2947



Summary and Implications

Effectively measuring short-term impact, particularly a change in knowledge resulting from extension programming can prove to be challenging. Clicker-based technology, when used properly, is one alternative that may allow educators to better evaluate this aspect of the logic model. While the potential interface between clicker technology and extension programming has been regularly hypothesized about, the success of use and stakeholder attitude towards such technology in an extension setting has not been well defined to date. Based on data collected during Iowa Beef Center winter extension programming, clicker-based technology yielded increased participant response rates when compared to hand-written program evaluations. Moreover, the technology effectively monitored change in knowledge and was viewed in an overwhelmingly positive manner by stakeholders. Thus, when used properly, clicker technology is well suited to extension as a program evaluation tool, and in particular an effective means by which to track short-term outcomes.

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