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Women Managing Dairy Cattle (WMDC) was a pilot Annie’s Project program. The course was developed to help educate dairy farm women on key issues they are facing, and to create a lasting impact on the operation through change in behavior via management decisions. Studies have shown that women have unique learning needs compared to their male counterparts; management meetings are predominately attended by men. Thus, the program was geared toward women designed based upon their learning and social needs.

Ag Industry professionals and dairy producers helped to identify and teach key topics for dairy producers. Program focused on nine business and production management topics over the three sessions. Three sessions were held weekly on Tuesdays in November from 11 to 2:30.

Fifteen women completed the WMDC course in Holy Cross, IA. These women represented over 2,000 cows in five counties. The women reported knowledge gain and intentions to change or update management practices on their dairy operation as a result of taking the course.

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