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Summary and Implications

The objective of this study was to examine potential signs, causal factors and treatment interventions for camelids displaying Aberrant Behavior Syndrome (ABS), also known as Berserk Male Syndrome. A survey was developed for camelid owners and veterinarians with camelid experience using Survey Monkey software. Respondents were asked to describe the behaviors associated with the most recent case of ABS they were involved with, information about the animal displaying ABS, and evaluation of the efficacy of treatment interventions used. The majority of respondents identified a general demographic of an intact male camelid raised by its biological mother with daily or weekly handing by humans.

Aggressive behavior emerged at one to three years of age, and was directed more frequently at humans than at other animals. Treatment interventions included behavioral modification, castration, moving and/or isolating the animal. All treatments had a higher rate of failure than success. The results of this survey indicate a need for research to identify causal factors and treatments for this behavioral disorder.

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