Animal Industry Report

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ASL R3024



Summary and Implications

The transmission of disease among livestock farms could be addressed by the efficiency of truck washes to clean and disinfect trailers used for transporting animals. Collecting swab samples from trailers and cabs of identified truck wash trailers will help to determine the proper procedures and steps needed to reduce the transmission of disease. Truck washes in the state of Iowa were identified and invited to participate in a questionnaire that will provide helpful information for this research. The main goals of this study are to 1) determine the areas in the truck washing process that pose a high risk to transmit disease, and 2) to identify the location of current livestock truck washes and their capability in the event that some disease outbreak requires their involvement.

This survey tool could help to provide necessary information in order to determine which service methods are best for reducing back contamination and the spread of disease among livestock herds. Determining what locations would be beneficial in collecting samples will be easier overall when the surveys are completed.

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