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ASL R3079



Summary and Implications

An eight week trial was conducted at a commercial dairy to evaluate the teat conditioning efficacy of two organic acid formulas when used pre and post-milking. Teat skin and teat end roughness was scored for each teat twice/weeks. Peeling of teat skin was also evaluated. A total of 26 cows were scored during the study period, but only 17 cows had full records for analyses. Results showed that while the control product maintained optimum teat skin condition, some quarters showed teat end skin peeling. There were no differences between products in teat end condition and it was observed that teat end condition improved over time for both products. It was concluded that F-9343+592-001-1 and CHD Conc+592-001-1 had similar teat end condition efficacy properties, but F-9343+592-001-1 had an increased number of teats with skin peeling at the teat ends during the trial.

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