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Summary and Implications

Results from previous studies haveshownthat guanylatebinding protein 5 (GBP5) is a majorgene for host response to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS). The effect of WUR10000125 (WUR), a genetic marker for GBP5,on host responseto infectionhas been validated across breeds, populations, and following infection with multiple isolatesof PRRSvirus(PRRSV). For this marker, pigs with the B allele have lower viremia and highergrowth rate underPRRS challenge. However, there is limited knowledgeregarding the effect of WUR under non-challenged conditions. Therefore, the objective of this study was to estimate the effect of WUR on performancein commercial lines under normal, non-challenged conditions. Results indicate that WUR markergenotypewas associated with some traitsfor the sire lines, but that the effect of WUR differed by trait andbyline. In addition, WUR had no significant effect on the overall selection index value for any of the lines. Based on these findings, selecting for the B alleleis expected toresultin progeny with improved performance under PRRS challenge without adversely affecting overall performanceunder normal, non-challenged conditions.

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