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Summary and Implications

The objective of this study was to investigate alternative measures to evaluate serum viremiaafternatural Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory SyndromeVirus (PRRSV)infection of pigs on a commercial farm. Viremia measurements (area under the curve at 21 days from the startof the trial, maximum viremia, time to maximum viremia, and ratioof maximum viremia over time to maximum viremia) were estimated using a LOESSfunction for each animal. Genetic markerWUR10000125 (WUR)on chromosome 4 was typedfor 199 barrowsand its association with viremia traits was tested.The analysis revealedthat maximum viremia wassignificantly(P<0.01)lower for pigs with the AB genotype. Maximum viremia canbe used as the indicator trait of the severity of the infection in commercial farms where animalsdiffer in the time of the initial infection.

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