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The aim of this work was to evaluate the quality and sensory characteristics of ready-to-eat (RTE) frankfurter-type sausage cured with celery juice powder and including red wine. Four frankfurter treatments including a conventionally cured treatment without red wine (control) and three treatments cured with pre-converted vegetable juice powder and 0%, 5% or 10 % (v/w) red wine were prepared. Adding 5% red wine increased the a*-value, and the textural resilience, cohesiveness and springiness of the frankfurters, as well as decreased lipid/protein oxidation of the final products. Added wine also introduced new volatiles (alcohol and ester compounds) to the frankfurters. The effects of red wine might be advantageous in natural and organic processed meats where nitrite concentrations are typically less than in conventionally cured products. However, the addition of excess amounts of red wine (10%) to the meat batter may have negative effects on the meat quality.

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