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The i-STAT1 clinical analyzer has become an increasingly popular tool in clinical production animal medicine as it can provide pen-side results in a cost effective and timely manner when compared to standard benchtop serum biochemistry blood gas and chemistry analyses. This study compares the results of the portable Abbott i-STAT1 analyzer and the Abaxis VetScan VS2 for glucose (Glu, mg/dL), ionized Ca (mmol/L), Na (mmol/L), and K (mmol/L) values. Three genetically distinct commercial varieties (CV) of Hy-Line white-egg laying hens are used in this study (Hy-Line W-36, Hy-Line W-80, and Hy-Line W-80+). Thirty blood samples (n = 10 per CV) were obtained in the production house from the brachial vein and concurrently analyzed by the i-STAT1 portable device. Serum from 22 of these same samples was analyzed via VetScan VS2, a benchtop serum clinical biochemistry analyzer, using VetScan Avian/Reptilian Profile Plus reagent rotors. A paired T-test was used to test for statistical differences in means between the 2 instruments for each of the parameters. Parameters with significant mean differences were then subject to correlation and regression analysis to further evaluate relationships between the results from the 2 methods. Significant differences between means were found for Glu, Na, and K levels. Ca levels were found to be not directly comparable by the 2 analysis instruments. This comparison elucidates the importance of clinical analyzer validations when applying different strategies of diagnostic medicine in poultry.


This article is published as Sauer, Z. C., K. Taylor, A. Wolc, A. Viall, J. E. Fulton, P. Settar, I. Rubinoff, T. Schaal, and Y. Sato. "Research Note: Comparison of chicken blood chemistry and electrolyte parameters between the portable i-STAT1 clinical analyzer and VetScan VS2 serum biochemistry panel using Hy-Line commercial white-egg laying hens." Poultry Science 99, no. 7 (2020): 3487-3490. doi: 10.1016/j.psj.2020.03.059.

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