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Growth and egg production data from F2 layer chickens produced from a mating of MHC-heterozygous B15B44 sires to B15B44 and B15B43 dams were analyzed for associations with the level of the individual's genomic heterozygosity and dam MHC. The F1 sires and dams were produced from matings of birds from two genetically distinct, highly inbred lines. Genomic heterozygosity (expressed as composite band frequency, CBF) was estimated based on the average proportion of shared bands of individual birds compared to a composite pool of Hinf I-digested DNA samples from the two inbred lines. Birds from dams of genotype B15B43 had significantly greater BW than progeny from B15B44 dams at 6 wk and thereafter. Dam MHC genotype differences were also significant for number of eggs laid from 20 to 28 wk of age, with B15B43 progeny being superior. Negative regression coefficients at hatch, 32, and 44 wk were observed for the effect of CBF on BW of progeny from B15B43 dams and at hatch and 32 wk from progeny of pooled dam genotypes. Similarly, negative regression coefficients were observed for the association of CBF with number of eggs within progeny from the B15B44 dam MHC genotypes at 20 to 28 wk and total period recorded, and at 28 to 36 wk for progeny from B15B43 dams. The CBF regression coefficients and the differences among progeny based on dam MHC genotypes suggest that individual heterozygosity and MHC genotype may be associated with BW and egg production in chickens.


This article is published as Cahaner, A., E. J. Smith, S. Swenson, and S. J. Lamont. "Associations of individual genomic heterozygosity, estimated by molecular fingerprinting, and of dam major histocompatibility complex with growth and egg production traits in layer chickens." Poultry Science 75, no. 12 (1996): 1463-1467. DOI: 10.3382/ps.0751463. Posted with permission.

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