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2016 ARCC‐EAAE International Conference

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June 15–18, 2016


Lisbon, Portugal


“That parametricism “goes social” is not a concession to the prevailing winds of political correctness (that divert and dissolve the innovative thrust of architectural discourse). Rather, it is a sign of parametricism’s maturity, confidence and readiness to take on the full societal tasks of architecture, i.e. it implies the inauguration of Parametricism 2.0… After 15 years of muscle flexing it is high time to put these innovations to more serious work.” Patrik Schumaker (Schumaker, 2015) The ‘more serious work’ presented here is the presentation of craft, and specifically digital craft, as a historic and theoretic framework that extends the agency of computational thinking and parametric design in the social project of architecture. Ultimately, this paper argues for the development of a more robust theoretical position about the social application of advanced parametric design as a means to expand architectural agency in the discourse surrounding parametric design’s relationship to large scale social issues.



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