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Compresenze. Corpi, azioni e spazi ibridi nella città contemporanea

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If we feel our lived environment, if we feel the reality of our existence in relation to our environment, can we also feel nature’s destruction? Understanding of our own nature in relation to nature, has been described as an aesthetic discourse, or eco-aesthetics (ökologische Naturästhetik) by Gernot Böhme, a philosopher more currently popular among architects for his theory of architectural atmosphere. According to Böhme, nature must be recognized as our partner and we should gradually adapt to such a partner relationship. Nature is not something we have left behind in our becoming civilized; nature is us and is not to be overcome. He states that «it it is only now that we realize that what has been carried out as the domination of nature is, in fact, a totally impossible project» (Wang, 2014).


This is a book chapter published as Compresenze, Corpi, Azioni e Spazi Ibridi Nella Citta Contemporanea, Giovanni Caudo, Janet Hetman, Annalisa Metta (ed.); 2017, Wheeler,A. Livability and CoExistence Between the Sexes: An Architectural Question, RomaTre-Press; 83-86. Posted with permission.

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