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Luce Irigaray's status as one of our most influential thinkers cannot be underestimated. Mary Rawlinson's book, Engaging the World: Thinking after Irigaray, illustrates how, as philosopher and psychoanalyst, writer and activist, Irigaray has changed the course of feminist theory. Few feminist thinkers can avoid engaging with her work, and this book demonstrates Irigaray's inspiration to the current generation of women. Engaging the world to promote life, as Rawlinson writes, could also be an extended title for the book, as it describes the influence of Irigaray's thinking on language, conceptions of truth, and structures of the social. However, change is no easy task, and Rawlinson carefully collects essays from a wide range of scholars--those studying Irigaray's criticism of the philosophical traditions, her writings on art, her poetry, her care for language, psychoanalytic practice, and even classroom experience--to illustrate how contemporary the questions she raises are. All of the essayists testify to the power of Irigaray's philosophy to inspire within their respective fields, and this is the sustained significance of Irigaray's philosophy today.


This accepted review is published as Wheeler, A., Engaging the World: Thinking after Irigaray, Hypatia Reviews Online. 2017. Posted with permission.

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