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This report presents the proceedings of the Biochemical Engineering Symposium held at Kansas State University, June 4, 1971. Since most of the papers will be published elsewhere, only very brief papers are included here. Moreover, several of the projects are still in progress at this time. Request for additional information on projects conducted at the University of Nebraska should be directed to Dr. Peter J. Reilly and for Kansas State University to Dr. L. E. Erickson.

Chao, Chih-Cheng, University of Nebraska, "Symbiotic Growth of Actobacter suboxydans and Saccharomyces carlsbergensis in a Chemostat"

S.Y. Chiu, Kansas State University, "Model Identification in Mixed Populations Using Continuous Culture Data"

Shinji Goto, University of Nebraska, "Symbiotic Growth of Bacteria and Blue Green Algae in a Chemostat"

I.C. Kao, Kansas State University, "ATP as a Parameter of Mixed Culture Interaction"

Indravadan R. Kothari, University of Nebraska, "Growth of Single Cells of Schizocaccharomyces pombe under Nutrient Limitation"

G.C.Y. Chu, Kansas State University, "Experimental Optimization of Biological Waste Treatment Processes"

Mark Young, University of Nebraska, "Aerobic Fermentation of Paunch Liquor"

P.S. Shah, Kansas State University, "Optimal Control of Growth Processes"

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Institute for Systems Design and Optimization, Kansas State University


Manhattan, KS


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Biochemical Engineering Symposium Proceedings (June 4, 1971)