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This the tenth in a series of symposia devoted to talks by students on their biochemical engineering research. The first, third, fifth, and ninth were at Kansas State University in Manhattan, the second and fourth were at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the sixth was in Kansas City in conjunction with the 81st American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Meeting, the seventh was at Iowa State University in Ames, and the eighth was held at the University of Missouri–Columbia.

"Combined Autohydrolysis-Organosolv Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Materials," Robert A. Lewis, Colorado State University

"An Investigation of Cellulase Activity Assays," Minhhuong Nguyen, University of Missouri–Columbia

"Action Pattern of a Xylobiohydrolase from Aspergillus niger," Mary M. Frederick, Iowa State University

"Estimation of Heats of Combustion of Biomass from Elemental Analysis Using Available Electron Concepts," Snehal A. Patel, Kansas State University

"Design of a Wheat Straw to Ethanol Conversion Facility," Michael M. Meagher, Colorado State University

"Effects of Salt, Heat, and Physical Form on the Fermentation of Bananas," Carl Drewel, University of Missouri–Columbia

"Gas Hold-up in the Downflow Section of a Split Cylinder Airlift Column," Vasanti Deshpande, Kansas State University

"Measurement of Michaelis Constants for Soluble and Immobilized Glucoamylase," Robert A. Lesch, Iowa State University

"Kinetics of Alkaline Oxidation and Degradation of Sugars," Alfred R. Fratzke, Iowa State University

"Stability of Cereal Protein During Microbial Growth on Grain Dust," Bamidele O. Solomon, Kansas State University

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Department of Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University


Ames, IA


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the 10th Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium