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This work represents the proceedings of the fifteenth symposium which convened at Colorado State University on May 24, 1985. The two day meeting was scheduled one month later than usual, i.e., after the spring semester, so that travelers from the Midwest (Iowa State University, Kansas State University and University of Missouri) could enjoy the unique mountain setting provided at Pingree Park. The background of the photograph on the cover depicts the beauty of the area.

Greg Sinton and S.M. Leo, KSU. Models for the Biodegration of 2.4-D and Related Xenobiotic Compounds.

V. Bringi, CSU. Intrinsic Kinetics from a Novel Immobilized Cell CSTR.

Steve Birdsell, CU. Novel Microbial Separation Techniques.

Mark Smith, MU. Kinetic Characterization of Growth of E. coli on Glucose.

Michael M. Meagher, ISU. Kinetic Parameters of Di- and Trisaccharaide Hydrolysis by Glucoamylase II.

G.T. Jones and A.K. Ghosh Hajra, KSU. Modeling and Simulation of Legume Modules with Reactive Cores and Inert Shells.

S.A. Patel and C.H. Lee, KSU. Energetic Analysis and Liquid Circulation in an Airlift Fermenter.

Rod R. Fisher, ISU. The Effects of Mixing during Acid Addition of Fractionally Precipitated Protein.

Mark M. Paige, CSU. Fed-batch Fermentations of Clostridium acetobutylicum.

Michael K. Dowd, ISU. A Nonequilibirium Thermodynamic Description of the Variation of Contractile Velocity and Energy Use in Muscle.

David D. Drury, CSU. Analysis of Hollow Fiber Bioreactor Performance for MAmmalian Cells by On-Line MMR.

H.Y. Lee, KSU. Process Analysis of Photosynthetic Continuous Culture Systems.

C.J. Wang, MU. Kinetic Consideration in Fermentation of Cheese Whey to Ethanol.

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Department of Agricultural and Chemical Engineering, Colorado State University


Fort Collins, CO


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual biochemical Engineering Symposium