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This volume represents the proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium held at Kansas State University on April 26, 1986. Some of the papers describe the progress of ongoing projects, and others contain the results of completed projects. Only brief summaries are given of many of the papers that will be published in full elsewhere.

End-Product Inhibition of the Acetone-Butanol Fermentation—Bob Kuhn, Colorado State University

Effect of Multiple Substrates in Ethanal Fermentations from Cheese Whey—C.J. Wang, University of Missouri

Extraction and Fermentation of Ensiled Sweet Sorghum—Karl Noah, Colorado State University

Removal of Nucleic Acids from Bakers' Yeast—Richard M. Cordes, Iowa State University

Modeling the Effects of Plasmid Replication and Product Repression on the Growth Rate of Recombinant Bacteria—William E. Bentley, University of Colorado

Indirect Estimates of Cell Concentrations in Mass Cultivation of Bacterial Cells—Andrew Fisher, University of Missouri

A Mathematical Model for Liquid Recirculation in Airlift Columns—C.H.Lee, Kansas State University

Characterization of Imperfect Mixing of Batch Reactors by Two Compartment Model—Peter Sohn, University of Missouri

First Order Breakage Model for the Degradation of Pullalan in the Batch Fermentor—Stephen A. Milligan, Kansas State University

Synthesis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of 13C-Labeled Amylopectin and Maltooligosaccharides—Bernard Y. Tao, Iowa State University

Preparation of Fungal Starter Culture in Gas Fluidized Bed Reactor—Pal Mihaltz, Colorado State University

Yeast Flocculation and Sedimentation—David Szlag, University of Colorado

Protein Enrichment of Extrusion Cooked Corn by Solid Substrate Fermentation—Lucas Alvarez-Martinez, Colorado State University

Optimum Design of a Hollow Fiber Mammalian Cell Reactor—Thomas Chresand, Colorado State University

Gas Chromatography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Trifluoroacetylated Carbohydrates—Steven T. Summerfelt, Iowa State University

Kinetic and Bioenergetic Considerations for Modeling Photosynthetic Microbial P~ocesses in Producing Biomass and Treating Wastewater—H. Y. Lee, Kansas State University

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Bicarbonate-Limited Photsynthetic Growth in Continuous Culture—Craig Curless, Kansas State University

Data Acquisition and Control of a Rotary Drum Solid State Fermentor—Mnasria A. Habib, Colorado State University

Biodegradation of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D)—Greg Sinton, Kansas State University

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Institute for Systems Design and Optimization, Kansas State Univers


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Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium