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The nineteenth symposium was held at the University of Missouri–Columbia on April 22, 1989. A total of eighteen papers were scheduled for presentation, of which nine were in poster session. Finally, fifteen papers were presented and sixteen were submitted for this proceedings. It was attended by 53 participants from five institutions. A sixth group (from Colorado State University) was kept from attending the symposium due to mechanical problems on the road and we missed them. Since they worked hard at their presentations, I requested CSU-group to submit their papers for the proceedings and I am happy that they did.

Mathematical modelling of a flour milling system. K. Takahashi, Y. Chen, J. Hosokoschi, and L. T. Fan. Kansas State University

A novel solution to the problem of plasmid segregation in continuous bacterial fermentations. K.L. Henry, R. H. Davis, and A. L. Taylor. University of Colorado

Modelling of embryonic growth in avian and reptile Eggs. C.L. Krause, R. C. Seagrave, and R. A. Ackerman. Iowa State University

Mathematical modeling of in situ biodegradation processes. J.C. Wu, L. T. Fan, and L. E. Erickson. Kansas State University

Effect of molecular changes on starch viscosity. C.H. Rosane and V. G. Murphy. Colorado State University

Analysis of two stage recombinant bacterial fermentations using a structured kinetic model. F. Miao and D. S. Kampala. University of Colorado

Lactic acid fermentation from enzyme-thinned starch by Lactobacillus amylovorus. P.S. Cheng, E. L. Iannotti, R. K. Bajpai, R. Mueller, and s. Yaeger. University of Missouri–Columbia

Solubilization of preoxidized Texas lignite by cell-free broths of Penicillium strains. R. Moolick, M. N. Karim, J. C. Linden, and B. L. Burback. Colorado State University

Separation of proteins from polyelectrolytes by ultrafiltration. A.G. Bazzano and C. E. Glatz. Iowa State University

Growth estimation and modelling of Rhizopus oligosporus in solid state fermentations. D.-H. Ryoo, V. G. Murphy, M. N. Karim, and R. P. Tengerdy. Colorado State University

Simulation of ethanol fermentations from sugars in cheese whey. C.J. Wang and R. K. Bajpai. University of Missouri–Columbia

Studies on protoplast fusion of B. licheniformis. B. Shi, Kansas State University

Cell separations of non-dividing and dividing yeasts using an inclined settler. C.-Y. Lee, R. H. Davis, and R. A. Sclafani. University of Colorado

Effect of·serum upon local hydrodynamics within an airlift column. G.T. Jones, L. E. Erickson, and L. A. Glasgow. Kansas State University

Optimization of heterologous protein secretion in continuous culture. A. Chatterjee, W. F. Remirez, and R. H. Davis. University of Colorado

An improved model for lactic acid fermentation. P. Yeh, R. K. Bajpai, and E. L. Iannotti. University of Missouri–Columbia

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Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Missouri–Columbia


Columbia, MO


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium