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This booklet contains abstracts of papers presented at a biochemical engineering symposium conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on April 29, 1972. This was the second annual symposium on this subject, the first having been held at Kansas State University on June 4, 1971. It is expected that future symposia will alternate between the two campuses.

S.H. Lin, Kansas State University, "Enzyme Reaction in a Tubular Reactor with Laminar Flow"

Gregory C. Martin, University of Nebraska, "Estimation of Parameters in Population Models for Schizosaccharomyces pombe from Chemostat Data"

Jaiprakash S. Shastry and Prakash N. Mishra, Kansas State University, "Immobilized Enzymes: Analysis of Ultrafiltration Reactors"

Mark D. Young, University of Nebraska, "Modelling Unsteady-State Two-Species Data Using Ramkrishna's Staling Model"

G.C.Y. Chu, Kansas State University, "Optimization of Step Aeration Waste Treatment Systems Using EVOP"

Shinji Goto, University of Nebraska, "Growth of the Blue-Green Alga Microcytis aeruginosa under Defined Conditions"

Prakash N. Mishra and Thomas M.C. Kuo, Kansas State University, "Digital Computer Simulation of the Activated Sludge System: Effect of Primary Clarifier on System Performance"

Mark D. Young, University of Nebraska, "Aerobic Fermentation of Paunch Liquor"

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Avery Laboratory, University of Nebraska–Lincoln


Lincoln, NE


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Second Annual Kansas State–Nebraska Biochemical Engineering Symposium (April 29, 1972)