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The 23rd Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium was held at the University of Oklahoma on April 17, 1993. The objectives of the symposium were to provide 1) a forum for informal discussion of biochemical engineering research being carried at the participating universities and 2) an opportunity for students to present and publish their work.

Thirteen papers presented at the symposium are included in the proceedings. Because final publication usually takes place in refereed journals, the articles included here are typically brief and often cover work in progress. The program of the symposium and a list of participants are included in the proceedings.

A Low-Cost Bioreactor Strategy for RNA Synthesis, H. Anthony Marble, Eleni Chrisikos, and Robert H. Davis

Development of a CELSS Bioreactor: Oxygen Transfer and Micromixing in Parabolic Flight, P.E. Villeneuve, K.S. Wenger, B.G. Thompson, T. Kedar, and E.H. Dunlop

Scale-up of Dexter Murine Bone Marrow Cultures Utilizing a Three-Dimensional Fiberglass Support Matrix, John G. Highfill, Paul Todd, Steve Haley, and Dhinaker Kompala

Modeling and Estimation of States of Recombinant Fermentations Using Nonlinear Input/Output Models, Vicotr M. Saucedo and M. Nazmul Karim

Deadent Microfiltration of Bovine Serum Albumin Suspension Through Yeast Cake Layers and Assymetric Polymeric Membranes, Naveen Arora and Robert H. Davis

Monitoring the Fate of Toluene and Phenol in the Rhizosphere, N. Muralidharan, Lawrence C. Davis, and Larry E. Erickson

Hydrodynamic Motions Associated with Bubble Coalescence and Breakup, T.Y. Yiin, L.A. Glasgow, and L.E. Erickson

Expression and Purification of a-Human Atrial Natriuretic Peptide in Escherichia coli by Fusion with L-Asparaginase, Nien-Tung Ma and Roger G. Harrison

High Pressure Crystallization of Proteins, Mungara V. Saikumar, Charles E. Glatz, and Maurice A. Larson

Structure/Function Relationships in the Catalytic and Starch Binding Domains of Glucoamylase, Pedro M. Coutinho, Clark Ford, Peter J. Reilly

Cellular Responses of Insect Cell Spodoptera frugiperda to Environmental Stresses, Paul Yeh, Grace Y. Sun, Gary A. Weisman, Rakesh Bajpai

A Novel Approach to Understanding the Antimicrobial Activity of Peptides, Naveen Pathak, Marie-Helene Janna, Gael Ruche, David McCarthy, and Roger Harrison

Mass Transfer in the Bioremediation of Soils Contaminated with Trapped Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids, Xiaoqing Yang, Larry E. Jacobson, and L.T. Fan

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School of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, University of Oklahoma


Norman, OK


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium