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The 24th Biochemical Engineering Symposium was held 9-10 September 1994 at the YMCA of the Rockies conference center in Estes Park, Colorado, under the sponsorship of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado. Previous symposia in this series have been hosted by Kansas State University (1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 12th, 16th, 20th), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2nd, 4th), Iowa State University (6th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 22nd), University of Missouri-Columbia (8th, 14th, 19th), Colorado State University (11th, 15th, 21st), University of Colorado (18th), and the University of Oklahoma (23rd). The next symposium is scheduled to be held at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The symposia are devoted to talks by students about their ongoing research. Because final publication usually takes place elsewhere, the papers included in the proceedings are brief, and often cover work in progress.

In-Well Aeration: An Innovative Subsurface Remediation Technology
Prashant Gandhi, X. Yang, L.E. Erickson, and L. T. Fan; Kansas State University

Expression of an Antimicrobial Peptide Analog in Eacherlchill coli
Chris Haught and Roger G. Harrison; University of Oklahoma

Using High-frequency Backpulaing to Maximize Croasflow Filtration Performance
Sanjeev G. Redkar and Robert H. Davis; University of Colorado

Low Molecular Weight Organic Compositions of Acid Waters from Vegetable Oil Soapstocks
Steven L. Johansen, Arunthathi Sivasothy, Peter J. Reilly, and Earl G. Hammond; Iowa State University; Michael K. Dowd; U.S. Department of Agriculture

Gas Phase Composition Effects on Suspension Cultures of Taxus cuspidata
Noushin Mirjalili and James C. Linden; Colorado State University

Cybernetic Modeling of Spontaneous Oscillations in Continuous Cultures of Ssccharomyces cerevisiae
Kenneth D. Jones and Dhinakar S. Kompala; University of Colorado

The Effect of Turbulent Shear on Calcium Mobilization in Mammalian Cells
Christopher M. Cannizzaro, Pradyumna K. Namdev, and Eric H. Dunlop; Colorado State University

Experimental Studies of Droplet Ejection at the Free Surface In Sparged Reactors
T. Y. Yiin, L A. Glasgow, and L. E. Erickson; Kansas State University

The Role of Domain E (Starch-Binding Region) on the Activity of a Bacillus macersns Cyclodextrln Glucanotransferase
Hai-yin Chang, Trang Le, and Zivko L. Nikolov; Iowa State University

Use of the Rotating Wall Vessel for Study of Plant Cell Suspension Cultures
Xinzhi Sun and James C. Linden; Colorado State University

A Novel Counter-Current Distribution Apparatus for the Study of Multi-Stage Aqueous Two-Phase Extraction of Biomolecules and Cell Particles
Martin R. Guinn and Paul Todd; University of Colorado

The Dynamics of Unhooking and Contraction of a Polyelectrolyte Chain Around an Isolated Post
Lin Zhang and Edith M. Sevick; University of Colorado

A Laboratory Study of the Fate of Trichloroathylene and 1,1,1-Trlchloroathane In the Presence of Alfalfa Plants
Muralidharan Narayanan, Ryan M. Green, Lawrence C. Davis, and Larry E. Erickson; Kansas State University

Modeling the Fate of Pyrene In the RhIzosphere
S.K. Santharam, LE. Erickson, and L. T. Fan; Kansas State University

Derivatization of Maltooligosaccharides
Daniela Prinz, Peter J. Reilly, and Zivko L. Nikolov; Iowa State University

Probing Surfactant-Protein Binding by EPA Spectroscopy
Narendra B. Bam, Yale University; Theodore W. Randolph; University of Colorado

Optimization of a Stir-Cell Bioreactor for In Vitro Production of RNA
Neal T. Williams, Kim A. Wicklund, and Robert H. Davis; University of Colorado

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Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the 24th Annual Biochemical Engineering Symposium