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This report presents the proceedings of the Biochemical Engineering Symposium held at Kansas State University, April 28, 1973. Since a number of the contributions will be published in detail elsewhere, only brief summaries of each contribution are included here. Requests for additional information on projects conducted at The University of Nebraska should be directed to Dr. Peter J. Reilly, and those at Kansas State University to the editors.

Kenneth J. Jacobson, Andrew H.C. Chan, and Raymond C. Eliason, "Properties and Utilization of Small Particulates in Cattle Manure"

Cady R. Engler and James S. Yohn, "Protein from Manure"

Robert J. Williams, "Kinetics of Sucrose Inversion Using Invertase Immobilized on Hollow Fibers of Cellulose Acetate"

David F. Aldis and Thomas A. Carlisle, "Study of a Triiodide-Resin Complex Disinfection System"

John C. Heydweiller, "Modeling and Analysis of Symbiotic Growth"

Kenneth J. Jacobson, "Synchronized Growth of the Blue Green Alga Microcystis aeruginosa"

Clarence C. Y. Ron arui Lincoln L. S. Yang, "Computer Modeling of the Reductive Pentose Phosphate Cycle"

Ming-ching T. Kuo, "Application of a Parallel Biochemical Oxidation Kinetic Model to the Design of an Activated Sludge System Including a Primary Clarifier"

Prakash N. Mishra, "Optimal Synthesis of Water Renovation Systems"

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Institute for Systems Design and Optimization, Kansas State University


Manhattan, KS


Biochemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Proceedings of the Third Biochemical Engineering Symposium (April 28, 1973)