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ASL R1345


Feedlot Nutrition and Growth and Management

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Twenty crossbred steers were used to evaluate bovine somatotropin (bST) and an anabolic steroid implant, Revalor-S® (REV), to improve growth and increase carcass leanness. During the first 70 days on feed, bST-treated steers tended to improve live weight gains, consume more feed, and numerically improve feed utilization for growth. The implanted steers grew faster and utilized feed better than steers not implanted with REV. The improvement in gain and feed utilization for growth was maintained throughout the feeding period for REV-implanted steers. At slaughter, REV steers had heavier carcasses which resulted in more pounds of muscle, bone, and fat. When adjusted for hot carcass weight, bST increased leanness of the carcass as evident by the increased weight of the semitendinosus muscle, more pounds of dissected lean, and fewer pounds of dissected fat. Thus, REV and bST can be used to improve growth performance and increase carcass leanness.

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