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The Potato Stalk-weevil


It seems best at this time to briefly call the attention of the farmers of the state to the Potato Stalk-weevil. Judging from all accounts that can be gathered, this has been one of our worst insect pests the past season. I believe that a half million of dollars would fall far short of making good the loss that it has occasioned the state this year from its injuries to the potato crop.

The Potato Stalk-weevil at this place (and so far as I can learn, it is the first mention of the insect in the state) was first discovered by Mr. F. A. Sirrine, assistant botanist of the station, on 23 August, last, while he was engaged in examining potato roots for the presence of a fungus. Since that date I have personally examined a large number of potato patches in this vicinity and have found none that have escaped severe injuries from the ravages of this insect. In gardens where potatoes have been grown year after year, I have seldom found less than 75 per cent, of the stalks infested and from this to 93 per cent. In field patches at a distance from where potatoes were grown last year, I have found as few as 20 per cent, of the stalks infested, but in no case have I found the injuries less abundant than this.



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