Cuttings of the following varieties were made from ripened wood during October, 1887, under direction of Prof Budd. They were cut uniformly about nine inches in length, and carefully planted, the method being as follows : The ground a heavy black loam was plowed and levelled; rows were then marked out 31/2 feet apart, in each of which was run a subsoil plow to the depth of ten to thirteen inches. A garden line was then stretched over the first row, marking the line of trench which was quickly made with spades, leaving the side next the line nearly perpendicular against this side, the cuttings were laid three to five inches apart according to variety. The earth was then filled in gradually and carefully firmed, till the trench was level with the surface, leaving only the upper bud of each cutting in sight. They remained in this condition till November, when they were treated to a coating of coarse manure completely covering each row. This was removed the following spring, after which they received ordinary nursery cultivation.



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