The experiments herein described are the work jointly of the Farm Department and the Experiment Station of which each bears one-half the expense.

The objects aimed at were:

1st. To compare the feeding value, in fattening, of timothy hay, corn fodder, corn ensilage and sorghum ensilage when each is the sole coarse food of the ration and corn and cob meal the only grain.

2d. To compare a single coarse food, e. g. timothy hay, corn fodder, or ensilage, with a mixture of the two, e. g. corn fodder and timothy, ensilage and timothy— the grain feed being in all cases the same, viz: corn and cob meal.

3d. To compare corn and cob meal with whole corn, as the grain feed in fattening.

4th. To compare the cost of outdoor with that of indoor winter fattening.

5th. To compare any and all of the rations named above, with a more varied ration containing wheat bran as a part of the grain feed.

This is a large program to carry out with a dozen steers in a single winter. It necessitates using only two steers for each ration tested— that is, four for each comparison made. Man}' would think this too small a number, and some would insist upon only a single trial at one time, with a dozen steers.



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